Want to support our animal friends? Check out these awesome bracelets!

Hey all! This blog started out as an outlet that I used to cope with life’s stresses and it slowly turned into a means of sharing what I was doing at school (mostly because I was too busy doing homework to share anything personal!). One of these days I’ll get back to writing regularly, but until then I wanted to share something super cool. I have always been an animal lover–in fact I generally connect with animals better than I do with people! One of my professors at EOU makes intricate, handmade, beaded bracelets and donates the money to different animal sancuaries. He is a molecular geneticist and the bracelets are in a barcode DNA pattern. If you want to support your animal friends check this out, here’s a link to one of my favorites CLICK ME !

Here’s a link to his ETSY shop: WildworksBeads


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