Go Sarah! I love how detailed your plan is. I’m inspired.

Promoting professional balance

How can setting goals promote wellness?

One of the topics I am was asked to write about is goal setting. Seeing as how this is the first post lets talk about goals! Goals for this page, goals for myself, and ways that teachers can set goals for themselves — without becoming overwhelmed.

The goal of this blog is simple…meet my master’s class requirements. What is the overall goal of my masters? I am trying to figure that out! The way that teaching system is set up I need to stay current with credits, and this class is helping me meet that state requirement. Maybe keeping up with this blog can help me discover where to take my teaching career next. Teaching from home can feel slightly isolating at times, or like I’m not doing my job correctly…. Or like I’m not doing ENOUGH even after long days! Sharing my…

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By tbsimmons63

I'm beginning a long and exciting journey. I've been diagnosed with PTSD, Bipolar I, and Anxiety Disorder but I don't feel that any of these things have to define me. I'm planning to document my journey as thoroughly as possible in hopes of helping others find their way!

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