Guest post by: Annmarie Reddie

When I was young I was overweight and extremely low in confidence. I had severe self-esteem issues from grade-school up until my junior year in high-school when I lost 60 pounds and started taking care of myself. When I was struggling I never wore make-up or even brushed my hair and I always wore baggy clothes. For a while I even went as far as to wrap a blanket around myself when I came to school (true story). I felt like I would just look silly if I wore a little make-up or fixed my hair. Why bother? I felt so ugly that I thought people would laugh at me if I ‘tried’.

After losing the weight I had enough confidence to start wearing a little make-up and fixing my hair. I realized how much better I felt. Being pretty isn’t the necessarily the point, though it may seem to be. The point is waking up and taking care of ones-self. Having the confidence to look the way we want to look and adopting your own style weather it be thick mascara or bare skin and a mo-hawk. I tried for so long NOT to stand out that I lost myself in the crowd. Ironically people who care about appearance are often times judged just the same as those who don’t. If we are going to be judged either way, we may as well do something that makes us feel good.

I asked people to apply to write guest-posts for my blog. I was happy to see a variety of topics submitted. Annmarie Reddie is primarily a wellness/fashion/beauty blogger but she wanted to take on a subject that I requested. I asked her to explain why she though beauty was related to overall health. I commend her for her submission and I hope you all consider what she has to say and really think about how you feel fashion and beauty relate to your mental health.

In this post I am going to look in to why looking good can make you feel better.  A lot of research has gone into this myth or hypothesis. I have found some amazing facts that I would love to share with you guys.  I share these findings in the hope that it will help maybe just one person.  It’s something that all of us can relate to.  Not feeling great about the way we look. Feeling that way about your looks definatley 100% impacts how we feel.  As well as my findings behind the psychology of why when we look good we feel good. There are some amazing products, clothes, and tips the I would love to share.  I found them very helpful so maybe you will too.

Here’s the why.

It’s not just a saying, or a myth, that when we look good it in turn makes us feel good on the inside. There are psychological reasons for this. There has been a great deal of research done to prove that looking good creates a sense of confidence within us. And we all know just how much of a change little bit of confidence can make to a person.

When we look at ourselves in the mirror, and we think we are looking great. It of course causes us to feel confident. Just confidence alone can make one hell of a difference. It changes the way we carry ourselves. We find ourselves able to talk to people we would normally feel shy around. We feel empowered and our self worth goes up. With people smiling at you and giving compliments. You gain clarification that gives you even more of a boost.

Humans are drawn to pretty people. Scientists tested over 100 new born babies. When looking at faces, babies held their gaze longer when looking at a pretty face. As opposed to a face that does not fit the traditional small nose, large eyes, high forehead, features. That’s not to say that you have to have all of those features to be deemed pretty. I am just using this as an example. To show that we are wired in a way that makes us drawn to good looking people or things.  This is the reason that confident, good looking people stand out in a crowd.  Because we seek them out.

Speaking from personal experience

When I had my second child I was diagnosed with post-natal depression. I sat around all day in my baggy bottoms and huge T-shirts. Every time I looked in the mirror I felt like I was looking at someone else. Thankfully I have a family who told me to get my big girl pants on and get myself dressed every day even if I was not going anywhere. That for me was the start of me getting better, not getting over it, but getting back to my old self. People would compliment me on how good I was looking for just having a baby, and of course, that made me feel great. 

The thing with compliments is, because they make us feel good, we do look for compliments even if you think your not.  We are always looking for clarification that we are doing good in life, and a compliment does just that. So, even if you don’t feel up to it, do just one small thing for yourself. Even if it’s just washing your face and applying a little moisturiser, then the next day, wash your face, put on a little moisturiser and apply some mascara.

It doesn’t feel like it will make a difference to how you feel at the time but believe me once you have done what ever self care task you chose to do no matter how big or small, it will, 100% make you feel so much better. When depression or anxiety kicks in the worst thing you can do is fall in to the rut of not forcing yourself to do one thing each day. You have to do it.

Look Good Feel Better – the monthly makeup course for cancer victim’s.

My mother was diagnosed with pancoast’s cancer 9 months ago, and she attended the makeup masterclasses that are run on a monthly basis called “Look Good Feel Better”. I have dipped my toe in to the pool of makeup artistry myself, and I have assisted at some high profile masterclasses and photo shoot’s, so, of course I was like ” Mum you soooo need to go to this and bring back any freebie they give you”. So, she agreed.

My mum does not wear makeup but she knew that I would not let her get away with not attending this. When she came home she was absaloutley buzzing. She was back to being my crazy, amazing, funny mum, not my mum who has cancer.

She showed me all the tips and tricks she was taught, I could definitely see a massive difference within her. Her hair had got thin and she had lost a lot of weight. So she was not feeling all that great about her appearance. She had been hiding away in doors. After attending that class she told me that it taught her that she is still the person she was before here diagnosis. And that hiding away was doing her more harm than good.

My mum still does not wear makeup. And she did get freebies which she gave to me. So, the makeup applying part of the class was pretty much forgotten. But it was the start of my mum becoming more than just a cancer patient. It was the beginning of her evolving from the old her, to the new her.

This is just another example of how looking good can improve your overall well being. Below I have some affordable fashion and beauty picks. To help you take those steps to becoming the best version of yourself.

Some affordable finds for you to take advantage of!!

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Bare Minerals Starter Kit – £20. You may think that £20 is a lot for a foundation. But, you actually get a whole kit for £20. The products are full of natural ingredients. So They are good for you too. You get a primer, mineral foundation, a brush and another staple item from Bare Minerals’ their cover veil powder. Click the link for a full product description. Click here to get yours.

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Small steps lead to big changes. Even if its something like putting on a face mask. Its all the beginning of you becoming the best you possible.  And just keep on going.

By tbsimmons63

I'm beginning a long and exciting journey. I've been diagnosed with PTSD, Bipolar I, and Anxiety Disorder but I don't feel that any of these things have to define me. I'm planning to document my journey as thoroughly as possible in hopes of helping others find their way!

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