The Altruistic Blogger Contest!

Enter the Altruistic Blogger Contest for a chance to win $25 and to have your post featured on MyAria!

How to enter:

  1. Create or choose a blog post or an article of your own that you think has helped (or could help) someone else in their time of need.
  2. Explain how and why your writing is helpful to others.
  3. Email a link of your blog post or attach your article with explanation to with the subject line “Altruistic Blogger”
  4. Follow my blog at

Contest ends April 1st!

Entries must comply with all of the terms and conditions in these Guidelines in order to be eligible to win the contest. The winning author will have his/her blog entry published on MyAria blog website and win $25.

• ALL of the above criteria must be met.

• The blog post may not exceed 500 words. Longer entries will be disqualified.

• Explanation of why your blog should win may not exceed 300 words.

•The post must be written in English

• All sources must be cited using either APA or Chicago style.

Good luck bloggers!


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