Share Your Truth Project: Taylor Alton

Taylor Alton is not only strong and courageous, but she’s also one of the kindest people you could meet. She has an incredibly positive, uplifting attitude and it really seems to be contagious. Taylor is all about balance; she takes her physical health very seriously, spending time at the gym and eating healthy–she takes care of her home and her beautiful daughter–and she also runs a business. Taylor inspires people by showing them that it’s possible to keep a positive attitude in any atmosphere.

The last year in life I have been through a long season of CHANGE. As most of you have watched me on social media, you know that I was very successful with an amazing company called It Works Global. While I still love the products so much and use them daily, I have decided to step back from being a top leader, this was something that was decided early on last year. I still have my account so that I can order product for myself and friends whenever they want it but it was something I no longer was passionate about. I have no bad feelings towards the company, it was just one of those things where you’re questioning what you truly want in life and it was something where that chapter was ready to come to an end. I am forever grateful for the company, the CEO & his team, the wonderful friendships I made, the best memories, everything I learned, everything I was able to do, etc. I believe it was a big role in creating who I am today.

Since “not doing” the business anymore, I have been figuring out what I want in life, where I truly want to be and what’s going to be next. I’ve been quiet about a lot of things I am doing, including photography. I got in such a “mood” where I was just exhausted sharing almost every aspect of my life on social media and let me tell you, taking that step back has been so nice. I am still doing me, still working so hard towards my goals and still dreaming big. THAT will never change.

If you know me then you know I am a YES person to opportunities. Today felt like a new chapter that I am so very excited to see where it leads me. Today felt like a breath of fresh air, where you inhale really big then exhale even bigger with a smile on your face.

If I can give any advice to you, I encourage you to say YES more to opportunities. You truly never know where it can lead you. Going into the unknown can be scary and intimidating but what if it lead you somewhere even better.

The one thing I am really learning in life right now is to just let whatever happen, happen. In relationships, finances and goals. Everything happens for a reason and what’s meant to be will happen when you’re ready for it. Timing may not be in my favor with basically everything right now and that’s why I’ve decided to just let go and let God work his ways. “We can’t receive what God has in his hands, when we’re holding too tightly to what’s in our hands. And when you’re drunk on your own opinions, and inebriated on your own ideas and ways of seeing the world, you are not open to the wisdom of God and you’re stumbling. Be of a sober mind because your enemy is trying to steal your attention. That’s where the fight and attack is. The trials are used to make us stronger.” Keep your faith and belief strong and everything will be ok, always as long as you have those two things. If you’re anything like me, where you constantly worry, stress and are super impatient, because you want something so bad, then you know it can be a daily struggle BUT day by day, if you tell yourself positive things and stay positive and KNOW your time with anything you want WILL come, it gets better and you get stronger and things become less of a “burden” on your shoulders. 
Stay strong and keep trucking along. #ifigotthisyougotthis


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