Share Your Truth Project: Writing by Brandon Forseth

My goal in doing Share Your Truth was to share stories and values from other people. I’ve learned from so many people and I want to offer as much helpful information on coping, grief, health,  and strength–while using positive rhetoric to uplift the soul. I want to engage a wide audience in order to touch as many lives as possible.

I’ve never even met Brandon Forseth personally– but I knew his fiance Kylee Bruce very well.  Kylee Bruce was in a tragic accident and Brandon was heart-broken. Instead of  responding with self-destruction Brandon started writing about the tragedy and helping others.  Brandon agreed to share some of his previous writing in my blog. I’m hornored to be able to pass some of his wisdom on and share his love story.


Brandon Forseth

February 6, 2017

“Grief is the price of love.”

It’s been overwhelming at times, I’ve been angry, sad, confused, lonely… but it’s been worth every penny.

If these emotions are the price of the love I got to share with Kylee, even for only a short time, then I’ll gladly pay as long as I need to.

If someone were to take me back in time and tell me if I were to not allow her into my life, I would avoid the deepest sorrow I’ve ever experienced. If they warned me to never tell her that joke that started our first conversation that I’d never have to feel the way I do now. If they gave me a chance to avoid heartbreak…… I’d do everything the same.

Because the time I got to spend with Ky is worth any tribulation I may have to endure. How lucky I am to have been a significant part of such a beautiful life lived by such a beautiful soul. How blessed I am to have basked in her smile and laughter on so many occasions. What an incredible honor to have had the time I did with her. Tonight I feel sad, but I also feel grateful.

The price of love is great, but the rewards of love are greater. It’s seems ironic that the heaviest thing I’ve ever had to carry is an empty heart. But, for a short while my heart was full…I experienced what it feels like to truly love and be loved…and I’ll tell you this, it’s amazing.

So love hard, follow your heart, and whatever the price of true love may be, be willing to pay it, because it’s worth it.


Have you ever had someone fall in love with your soul?

Have you ever trusted somebody enough to tell them everything? The good, the bad, the things you regret, the things you’re ashamed of… Have you ever allowed yourself into an almost scary state of vulnerability? “Here I am. This is me, all of the negatives, all of the positives.. down to the very last detail.” And then to have that person accept you. To have that person reach down into your inner workings, look past the things you’re ashamed of, look past the things you need to work on, grab onto your heart and just really love you for exactly who you are? Have you ever put your “face” away? The persona you’ve been convinced you have to represent in order to be accepted.. in order to be order to keep someone from leaving you… have you ever just taken a deep breath, put fear to the side, and let someone see YOU for who you actually are?

I’ll tell you, it’s an amazing feeling when you find someone who loves your soul. There are people out there who will love and accept you for exactly who you are. Never pretend to be a “character” you’re not in order to convince somebody to love you. No matter how unlovable you think you may be, how many issues you think you may have, no matter how many times you’ve tried.. I promise you, there is someone out there who’s heart will beat perfectly in tune with yours. Don’t stop searching, don’t give up, and when you find someone you can truly trust with your heart and soul… give it to them, all of it. It’s worth it.

Now.. I’m not claiming to be an expert on love, not in the slightest, I was just really good at loving Kylee. She would often say to me, “Thank you for being you.” And that’s all I ever had to be for her… myself. And that’s all she ever had to be for me. I think that’s the kind of love that lasts forever. God bless you all. Your kind words, your advice, your stories, your love… it all means the world to me.



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