Shooting Up To Success: My husband is my hero

Shooting Up To Success:

My husband is my hero

I have made leaps and bounds in my recovery. Not only did I straighten my life out but I have exceeded every personal expectation, finally reaching a peaceful state. There are many cogs that were essential in achieving success. Therapy, hard work, and using my medication properly (no self-medicating). Don’t get me wrong, it’s a work in progress; but I have reached a peaceful state none-the-less.

One key factor in my progression, has been the inspiration that my husband exudes. He is so motivational and his story is so powerful that I can’t helped but be moved. I’ve never known anyone to accomplish what he’s accomplished, and it happened before my very eyes.

I began therapy almost 3 years ago; I asked him to join me one day, just to be a part of my process, and he gladly agreed. As long as he was just there for support, that is. It didn’t take long before he wanted to begin going to therapy on his own. We have both been very happy with the support and guidance Rebecca Humphreys has provided. She has given us the confidence and resources we needed to discern right from wrong to create our own destinies.

I always knew Keyes had something special, that’s why I stood by him. Unfortunately he was lacking in confidence. I told him many times that he had so much more potential than he was using but he knew I loved him and didn’t take my word to heart. When Rebecca confirmed everything I had been saying and introduced him to the tools and resources he needed; with them he was able to create a great life. He doesn’t just take care of himself, he takes care of his family, emotionally and financially.

A little over two years before we started therapy, both of use were using drugs off and on; my life was unmanageable. Everything was chaotic and I couldn’t see any future for myself. Keyes had already been using meth long before he met me.

Right out of college he was relatively straight laced. He found himself in a small town with hardly anyone he had anything in common with; in his opinion there wasn’t much to do for fun. Eventually he found a friend. He was a good friend for quite sometime. He was encouraging and he was there for him when no one else was. About three years after the beginning of the friendship, something went wrong. This friend had gotten himself too deep into drugs and did something he wouldn’t have normally done. He told keyes that he was giving him a time-release capsule of Adderall (a once-in-a-while party drug), but really, he was giving him a capsule of meth. The friend eventually told Keyes what he had given him and slowly started to introduce meth more often. At first everything went well and times were good. Meth seemed to cure his confidence issues and anxiety, it was great. He didn’t understand why it had such a bad rep. After using for 2 years, Keyes decided to join his friend, injecting the drug intravenously. This really pulled him in. He ended up making horrific choices that he was ashamed of; things that he didn’t think he could ever forgive himself for. He was a completely different person when he was high.

Keyes and I started dating January 2nd 2015 . We did our share of drugs together, but we were so in love that we couldn’t tolerate the way we were living our lives. We wanted to be better for each other, and for ourselves. Keyes decided to cleaned up his life and ditch his habits; He simply quit. No rehab, just will-power and—I like to think—my love and support. He also stuck with the therapy and sought out a support network outside of himself. Good friends and good hobbies. He joined Amateur Radio Emergency Services where he met an amazing group of friends. We started going to church where we encountered even more love and support—judgment free, no strings attached. Religion had always been something I struggled with, but they were inviting none-the-less. Our fear of being judged was dwindling and we were starting to feel like valued members of the community. Four months after quiting all of my unhealthy habits, I found out that I was pregnant. At this point we were both even more determined to be our best selves and continue down the path we were on.

Keyes had been thinking about getting a job as a Peer Support Specialist for quite some time, so he could put his colorful past to good use. Plus, it’s one of the only jobs with a prerequisite of drug use! We were both searching for ways to help others and share our stories—to give our bad decisions some sort of value, per se. Two and a half-to-three years after sobering up, that very position opened up through CCS. Keyes and I both sharpened his skills and prepared him for the interview. He was familiar with many techniques used to stay off of drugs and was prepared for the job. We both felt this was what he was meant to do and frankly we needed the money as we had a baby on the way.  We were both job-free living with my mother. Lo and behold, he got the job.


After getting the job Keyes continued to better himself. He has given blood, sweat, and tears to be an outstanding Peer-Support Specialist/Youth Partner—Not only that, he’s the best father and husband anyone could ask for. Our baby is now 3 months old and he absolutely adores her. After he gets off work he relieves me of my motherly duties and takes the baby until he goes to bed. I take her at night so he can get a good rest before work in the morning. He is responsible for supporting clients in four counties and has to drive a lot for work, so he really needs his rest. On weekends he takes the baby and lets me sleep at night. It’s quite remarkable, how far he has come. He couldn’t be a better husband and father if he tried. The funny thing is, he still questions himself sometimes and wonders if he could do better. He is patient, kind, supportive etc., the list goes on. I wouldn’t be where I am today if not for him and I am eternally thankful for our relationship every day. I’ve yelled at him, I’ve hurt him, I’ve went to jail, I’ve drank myself into a stupor—but he still believed in me. He was there thick and thin and made me truly want to be a better person.


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